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Thanksgiving and allergies

Allergies and Thanksgiving

The holiday is a fun time to spend with loved ones. Or it should be. Those with food allergies can often feel like they are on the outside of things since the holiday often means unknown foods (and ingredients) from people who aren’t used to dealing with allergies. You’ll be happy to know that dealing with […]

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AT USA Blog Cracking the Code on World Egg Day

Cracking the Code on World Egg Day

For most of us, eggs are a staple in our diets. Whether you enjoy it as a breakfast food or a vital ingredient in your favourite pudding, eggs are in most pantries around the USA. With World Egg Day here, it may interest you to learn that egg intolerance is common and can lead to […]

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Meat-Free Protein Alternatives

Meat-Free Protein Alternatives For Your Diet

Meat-Free Protein Alternatives Protein is a vital part of any balanced diet. However, only some people prefer to take meat as a source of protein, either due to personal choices or food allergies and intolerances. Research has shown that one can partake in a meat-free diet and still get sufficient protein while relying on a […]

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