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Lactose Free Diet – Cheese and Alternatives

Being lactose intolerant and having a milk allergy are two very separate things. People who have milk allergy can still digest dairy products but people who are lactose intolerant cannot digest any form of dairy product. Lactose intolerant people lack the enzyme lactase, present in the small intestine that is responsible for breaking down and […]

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Lactose Intolerance: An Overview

A Large number of people in America are Lactose Intolerant, i.e; their body is unable to digest lactose- a natural form of sugar present in dairy and milk products. A common misconception that people have is that lactose intolerance is the same as milk allergy. In fact, even if you are allergic to milk your […]

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Dairy Alternatives

Dairy products give us calcium, along with a wide number of other essential vitamins and nutrients. Unfortunately, some people are either allergic to dairy products or worse, lactose intolerant. Before we begin talking about dairy alternatives, it is important to know your exact needs. Just because you are allergic to milk does not mean you […]

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Bread and Alternatives for Gluten Free Diet

Gluten Intolerance Contrary to popular belief a gluten free diet is not another ‘quick weight loss’ diet. In fact, a Gluten free diet is especially for those who are Gluten Intolerant, suffer from a celiac disease and most importantly have been tested and diagnosed with the same. Being gluten intolerant does not always mean you […]

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Surviving Christmas with a Food Intolerance

The Festive Season is all about enjoying good food and spending time with your nearest and dearest.  However, if you have a food intolerance it may be a little bit trickier as you can’t enjoy the traditional turkey with all the trimmings, especially if you are intolerant to turkey!  Do you remember those awful cramps […]

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