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An image of foods that can contain soy.

Soy Intolerance Vs. Allergy

Often, soy allergy begins in infancy. Some children outgrow their allergies and intolerance in their teenage years, while some aren’t as lucky. Having a soy allergy or intolerance means avoiding soy foods, which can be a bit difficult as soy is an ingredient in meats, baked goods, chocolate, breakfast cereals, and other foods. When you’re […]

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An image of oats in a bowl.

Oat Allergy Guide

Oats are a great, healthy breakfast choice found in oatmeal and cereal. Most people choose to eat oats for breakfast because of the quantity of fiber. These gluten-free whole grains are also full of antioxidants, minerals, fiber, and vitamins. Despite the many health benefits of oats, they can be dangerous to eat for someone suffering […]

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Sugar Allergy Guide

If you have a sweet tooth, you know how much delight comes with consuming anything that contains the sweetness brought about by sugar. Even though uncommon, some people experience bad reactions upon consuming any foods that contain sugar, whether natural or added. Naturally, our bodies need sugar to turn it into energy to run other […]

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An image of a bowl of kiwi

Kiwi Allergy Information

Kiwi is a fruit native to China hence why some people call it Chinese gooseberry. Kiwi is full of nutrients, but it can sometimes cause allergic reactions. If you’re not allergic to kiwi, it can be a colorful addition to your fruit bowl and menu. Some people with a kiwi allergy may also experience symptoms […]

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Egg Intolerance Symptoms Explained

Eggs are a delicious and versatile baking ingredient. But if you have an intolerance to eggs, you might need to look for egg alternatives readily available in grocery stores. Even though egg intolerance isn’t fatal, it still is bothersome and can cause discomfort, especially in the digestive tract. Food intolerances affect the entire population but […]

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an image of garlic and broccoli

Garlic Allergy Explained

Garlic is a bulbous herb from the lily family. It is used to flavor food and can be used in powder, oil, or natural form. Garlic adds a pungent yet savory flavor to food. Even though it is a great spice, garlic isn’t for everyone, especially those that suffer from garlic allergy. Garlic allergy is […]

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Corn Allergy Explained

Corn is a fantastic food that we can have in our salads or use in its oil or flour form. Corn isn’t only found in cornflour, popcorn, and corn oil, many processed foods and canned goods use corn as an ingredient too. Once you start going through ingredient lists of most processed foods, you’ll likely […]

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An image of alcohol such as wine and beer.

Symptoms Of Wine Allergy

Symptoms Of Wine Allergy When consumed in small quantities, wine can be great for your health. But some people can’t drink wine at all because it causes allergy symptoms. It could be disappointing for any wine lover to discover that they have an wine allergy or intolerance, and handling each of these requires a separate […]

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