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A Food Intolerance allergy test for IBS

IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome happens to be the commonest functional gastrointestinal disorder having a 12 – 22% prevalence reported in the general population. It is the commonest diagnosis that is carried out in the US by gastroenterologists. The condition is poorly understood and variable success has been achieved with standard treatment measures. Find out how you can benefit from a food intolerance allergy test for IBS.

Differential diagnosis

A food intolerance allergy test for IBS can easily determine the cause for the problem, and avoid diagnosing some other condition as the agent for the symptoms. Irritable Bowel Syndrome, other than sensitivities to dairy, yeast and various other food products, has also been proposed to be caused by other factors such as Dysbiosis, Microbiome imbalances, Adrenal health/chronic stress, SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth), Blood sugar dysregulation, Chronic infections/with biofilm, physical and mental stress and more.

Pinpointing the causative foods

Food intolerance allergy test for IBS can also help identify the exact foods that could be the cause of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Generally, these could be wheat, dairy products or fructose. Several people are found to suffer from IBS symptoms after having fructose, a type of natural sugar that is present in fruits. Doctors can also assess whether there is a flare up of the symptoms after having soft drinks, alcohol, and caffeine.

Treating patients who fail standard medical treatment

It is true that a sizeable population of IBS sufferers fail to show responses to conventional medical treatment. Such patients need to be treated in other ways, and a food intolerance allergy test for IBS is necessary to find out if another curative approach should be followed in order to bring them back to health. IgE and IgG food panels can be performed to determine the cause of failure of treatment. An Intolerance Test may be performed with the hair sample of sufferers, to test against 600 varied non-food and food items. Items that score more than 85% are regarded as possible sources of intolerances.

Identifying missing nutrients

IBS can also result from a poor diet that is lacking in many important nutrients. A Nutritional Test can be carried out in order to identify the important nutrients that are possibly missing from the daily diet. As many as 80 different types of nutrients can presently be identified with this type of examination. Once the missing nutrients are added to the daily diet, patients are found to be restored to good health within a short time.

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