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What metals are you consuming and are they having an affect on you?

When eating your meals, you should try and make sure you are consuming a balanced diet full of the correct nutrients, vitamins and metals. This is important to know because many of us focus on eating the right nutrients and vitamins, but we always forget about metals. This is why at Allergy Test, we value metals […]

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Is convenience food convenient for our body?

Hmmm, is your take-out food causing you more harm than good? Is convenience food convenient for our body? If you are a regular consumer of fast food Hamburgers then it is possible that you are causing your body harm. This could be because you have a sensitivity or allergy to a certain item. The best way […]

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Top 10 Worst Cities in America for allergy sufferers

With Summer nearly over, we are now edging towards Fall and Winter. As such, it is vital that we identify our allergies through allergy testing, so we know what to avoid and what can give our digestive systems a boost. So, the question is, do you live in one of the top 10 worst cities […]

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3 ways to manage your food allergy

All across America, over 50 million Americans suffer from a food allergy, and even more from a sensitivity. Do you have a food allergy or think you may have a food sensitivity? There are ways you can manage it. Take a look below. 1) Identify Importantly, you should always be able to identify your allergy. […]

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5 reasons to consider food allergy testing

Thinking of food allergy testing? Enjoyment, Excitement, Environment, Elimination and a Brighter Future. There are many reasons why should consider food allergy testing, particularly if you suspect that you may have a food sensitivity. Here are five that we’ve picked out to allow you to enjoy the life you want. 1) Enjoyment Going to a sports […]

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Why is the number of people with allergies are on the rise?

Take a look around. Is everyone sneezing and sniffling around you? Most likely, because allergies are on the rise! A report from New Scientist has backed up the theory of many others that allergies are on the rise.  Wherever you go nowadays, you are likely to find someone who is suffering from an allergy or a […]

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Avoiding Awkward Situations with Food Allergen Testing

Are you reading this sitting at your desk in the office? Are you worried about eating because you have just started your new job and you know you are not always in control of your body? If you are, then food allergen testing can be the first step to giving you back the confidence you […]

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Food Sensitivities and Allergies: 5 Questions Answered

Did you hear about the report which showed that people in the U.S. develop more food sensitivities and allergies than in any other country? No? Well, it is true. Allergy stats have shown a huge increase in food sensitivities and allergies, so be careful and watch out. Don’t worry though, we at Allergy Test have […]

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Is Seafood your very own nemesis?

If you are experiencing bloat, fatigue or nausea, then you probably have a sensitivity. As it is National Oyster Day here in the US, we’ve decided to do some investigating, as we look to help you find out whether that seafood you’re consuming is actually your own worst enemy. At Allergy Test, our sensitivity testing […]

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