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An Intolerance Test leads to a brighter future

Getting a bit chilly? Winter is coming! But is there more to worry about than the cold weather? There is if you have a food sensitivity. Well, we can help you there. A food sensitivity test to identify your food intolerances can be extremely beneficial for you. With the cold weather, you tend to change […]

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Manage your IBS Symptoms

Affecting between 6-18% of the global population, IBS is one of the hardest symptoms to deal with. People often ask about an IBS diet and what foods they need to eat in order to deal with your symptoms. Well, there is no specific diet that can help you manage your symptoms but you can monitor […]

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Grass Intolerance – What is the Importance of Good Nutrition?

Grass intolerance or grass allergies are quite common and can be manifested in various ways – such as nasal symptoms and skin rashes. It is important that you identify your sensitivities and intolerances by ordering an allergy test from us. This will help you find out exactly what environmental factors and food items you are […]

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How Can Proper Nutrition Help Prevent Pet Intolerance?

Pet Intolerance is a type of allergy caused due to an exposure to pet hair, dander etc, and a person who is susceptible to such a condition starts exhibiting symptoms soon after being exposed to such pet allergens or upon direct contact with pets. Just like testing and medications, proper nutrition is important for avoiding […]

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Clean your house and stay Allergy-Free this Winter

With Winter having crept up on us, some of us may not have our house prepared for the Winter in America. Whether you live on your own or with your family, there are many reasons which mean your allergy may have gotten worse. Therefore, it is vital that you take an allergy test to find out what (food and non-food) […]

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Why is a Lactose Intolerance Test Necessary?

Lactose Intolerance is a condition characterized by intolerance or sensitivity to dairy products like butter, sour cream, kefir, cottage cheese, cheese or milk. The disorder affects around 1 out of every 9 people or 25% of the entire US population. The condition gives rise to bloating, indigestion, abdominal pains, and various other discomforts. Lactose intolerance […]

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Which Symptoms Call for a Food Allergy Test?

Food allergies are very common and are apparent even in children. It is tough to find out what an individual is actually allergic to and find out whether they are suffering from allergic responses to something that they have eaten before. Children, particularly young ones, do not necessarily knwo that they have food allergies. Thus, […]

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8 Common Foods that Can Produce Food Allergies Reactions

Food allergies happen to be among the common allergies that people suffer from. When you eat a food, initially you might not be able to know whether you actually suffer from an allergy to it. Swelling in the mouth, tingling of the tongue and lips, fainting, vomiting, swelling of the throat and troubled breathing are […]

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Common Fall Allergies & the Foods That Cause Them

Do you suspect you have a seasonal allergy? Could it be the environment? Or do you alter your diet in accordance with the change in seasons? Either way, the best solution we can think of to manage your symptoms is to take a sensitivity test with Allergy Test! It will help you to learn about […]

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