Bloated Stomach; Could An Allergy Test Help? - Allergy Test

You train every day. You eat well. Or so you think. No matter what you do, your bloated stomach seems to be the only thing coming between you and the toned figure you dream of. Have you considered that the “healthy” foods you’re eating might be sabotaging you?

 An allergy test might reveal any number of foods might be causing stomach bloating. Here we look at some foods that can swell that waistline and how you can make the changes you need.


As well as more life-threatening symptoms such as tightness of the throat, a dairy allergy can induce stomach bloating. Items considered dairy products include cheese, milk, and butter. You can find out whether a dairy allergy is giving you stomach bloating with an allergy test. If you find you are allergic to dairy, you can make the change to dairy alternatives to relieve this and all other symptoms.


Another allergy with, potentially, lethal symptoms is a peanut allergy. Anaphylaxis is a well-known side effect, but stomach bloating can also occur as a symptom. Peanut allergies can be caused by various levels of contact from person to person, with some not able to consume them and others unable to even be in the same room as them. The dangerous nature of peanuts allergies means identifying them is incredibly important. You can do so with one of our allergy tests.


Fish are packed with minerals and nutrients, which are vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, for some people, fish is an allergen that can cause several stomach issues, including stomach, bloating. The vitamins and minerals found in fish are in over the counter supplementation.


Many wheat-based foods are incredibly dense, which can lead to bloating on its own. It’s essential to consider your bloating may well be down to the wheat content of the food, as well as its density. To establish whether your bloating is caused by the bulk of the food or an underlying allergy, you can take an allergy test.


So, you’ve eliminated dairy and, you know what, this soy milk isn’t so bad. However, you still have that bloated stomach! Bad news; you may well be experiencing a reaction to soy. All is not lost; there are plenty of other dairy AND soy alternatives.

 To get to the bottom of your bloated stomach, take an allergy test, and identify your culprit.