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What is Bioresonance Hair Testing?

Bioresonance testing, also known as bioresonance therapy, is a Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) that represents a group of services, products and practices that fall outside of conventional medicine. The therapy uses devices that capture and diagnose electromagnetic signals coming from the body and tests them against various food, drink, and environmental factors. 

Although conventional medicine doesn’t currently recognise bioresonance due to insufficient scientific research, the science behind it has existed for a long time. One form of therapy is hair testing. Bioresonance hair testing recognises that everything around us emits a frequency, which can be measured to identify various sensitivities. 

Let’s find out how the testing works…


How Does Bioresonance Hair Testing Work?

Bioresonance hair testing uses information, which is stored as an energy, from living organisms such as a strand of hair. The sample of this resonance energy is obtained using Multiple Analytical Resonance Systems (MARS III) machines and compared against registered item frequencies on the machine database in order to establish their levels in the body and any imbalances. 

Any item showing a frequency response of 85% or above is noted on the results as an abnormality. One thing to note is that our bioresonance hair test is a non-IgE-mediated test, which means it doesn’t make a medical diagnosis and is neither intended to be a substitute for professional, medical advice. 

The equipment that we use is manufactured and listed as a medical scanning device class IIa. Learn more about our hair testing laboratory here


Why Bioresonance Hair Testing Might be Right for You 

Contrary to some media claims that bioresonance tests are not accurate or cannot identify any food sensitivities – our tests do exactly that. 

Our sensitivity tests have helped thousands of people identify and manage their symptoms related to food and environmental related sensitivities. So, why might this be the test for you? Let’s find out below:

  • It’s cheaper – although the test itself uses specialised equipment that is very costly, testing hair samples compared to blood testing is easier and faster, and ultimately cheap for our customers. 
  • No needles – if you have a fear of needles and have been putting off getting a sensitivity test, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. This test doesn’t involve any needles, you simply have to chop off a few strands of hair and post it to us. 
  • Access historical results – bioresonance tests track the body’s reaction and symptoms over time, this means you’ll better be able to track any partial symptoms and identify their causes. 
  • No side effects – our hair test is non-invasive and has therefore become a popular alternative tool for diagnosing various issues.


Where to Buy a Bioresonance Hair Testing Kit? 

Allergy Test has been a market leader in bioresonance hair testing since 2008. We offer two distinct types of sensitivity tests that will help identify sensitivities to various items. 

  • Sensitivity Test – this testing kit examines 500 food, drink, and environment items. 
  • Sensitivity Test Plus – this tests for 975 sensitivities including metal toxicity, gut biome, and hormonal balance. 

For those with hypersensitivity, we’d recommend taking the Sensitivity Test Plus to get a complete overview of items that could be causing symptoms like IBS, bloating, headaches, fatigue and more.