How To Manage Food Allergy During Halloween | Allergy Test

It’s that time again, Halloween has come round! And no, don’t get confused by the title, we do not advocate your child stuffing themselves with candy on this landmark celebration. We obviously advise being happy and healthy as the aim of Allergy Test is to improve your life, but sometimes your kids just want to spoil themselves! By offering the best online allergy test, we can help your kids to enjoy the vacation of their life! 

Healthy Life, Healthy Lifestyle

Of course, as pointed out by Wellness Mama, no candy is healthy but we can provide you with health(ier)! alternatives. The first step is quite fun and simple, but it can be exhausting and we don’t always have the time to do it. What are we talking about? Well, making your own candy of course! This does involve hunting down the right ingredients when you are doing your own grocery shopping, but sometimes this can be a good thing! Remember to check the packaging closely and carefully.

What are the alternatives?

Wellness Mama recommends loading your basket up with some Ghost and Skull Lollipops. These are perfect for Halloween as they are tasty but also appropriate. These Ghost and Skull Lollipops will lighten up your child’s Halloween, aaaaaand in even better news, they are organic! Find out more about what symptoms your child may experience if they are sensitive or allergic to the candy by clicking here! It is always best that you are careful.

Peanut Butter Cups, without Peanut Butter, are another fabulous alternative which is offered. WellnessMama recommends these as they suitable for those suffering from a nut allergy, and can also be an improvement on a classic treat. If you have taken the best online allergy test which you can find here, then you will be able to identify exactly which treats and candy your child is allowed to eat.

Obviously, with children and yourselves, it is vital that you take care in finding out what sensitivities and intolerances your family are sensitive to. To do this, you can have a look at the best online allergy test by visiting our website! Our customer service advisors will also be happy to help you with any questions you may have. So check out and find out what we can do to help!