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There are lots of foods that you need to avoid eating if you have the I.B.S diet! The idea is to avoid all those foods that can harm your body and which will worsen the irritable bowel syndrome. Thankfully there are plenty of options to consider and the results can indeed be among some of the best that you can find out there.


Gluten is known for causing the celiac disease and it certainly makes the IBS problems worse. You really have to figure out which is the best option as you adapt and adjust this to your own needs. It’s a crucial aspect to keep in mind and it will totally bring you rewarding benefits all the time in that perspective.


Dairy products are not good for your I.B.S diet. They will increase diarrhea, not to mention they are very high on fat. Plus, people that need an I.B.S diet are lactose intolerant. So you won’t be able to eat dairy products to begin with. If you do, you’re putting your health at risk basically.

Legumes and beans

This one is a bit controversial because they have lots of protein and fiber. However, they do cause IBS symptoms, and you do need to give them a shot at the very least. They increase bloating and gas as well as cramp appearance. Just because something seems great for you, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will give you great results all the time.

Fried foods

These foods are a part of the American diet, yet they are very hard on people that need an I.B.S diet. They have a lot of fat, not to mention most of these foods include a lot of chemicals to begin with. The results are indeed extraordinary, all you have to do is to make the right choice and the outcome can indeed be among some of the best out there in the end.

Processed foods and caffeinated drinks

Caffeine is bad for your I.B.S diet, and the same thing can be said when it comes to processed foods. These foods have lots of chemicals in them so they are super unhealthy and they also have additives that trigger I.B.S diet problems too.


A bit of chocolate sounds nice at first, but the reality is that your I.B.S diet will suffer if you start eating it. The reason is that it has lots of caffeine as well as plenty of sugar. All the little things matter here, you just have to know the best approach and the results can indeed be among some of the best.

Summary of your new I.B.S Diet

In conclusion, there are plenty of foods that can be harmful to your I.B.S diet. You just have to stay away from those as much as possible to avoid any hassle. But you can rest assured that the outcome will shine all the time in this perspective, you just have to make the right pick and study your diet accordingly. If any food triggers issues, you need to avoid it right away!

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