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Do you know if you have asthma? One of the best tricks around for analyzing your asthma symptoms is to look at the three zones of asthma symptoms. There are so many signs, but let us start with green zones…

When you should feel comfortable?

Well, breathing is a good sign (obviously) but this shouldn’t be taken as a joke. If you are not coughing, or you are not wheezing, or you are not experiencing chest tightness, then you probably do not have asthma! Some people who are struggling with allergies have a shortness of breath during the day and night. This can be alarming, but it is actually manageable. The weather should not have an impact on your symptoms, but it is always important to prepare.

In order to manage your symptoms of allergies, you need to take long-term control medicine daily. You should consult your GP if you suspect that you have asthma, similar to have your allergy test has identified an allergy. You may need quick-relief medicine before you exercise. Obviously, if you are struggling, you need to know what is causing your coughing and wheezing. It means, if you are suffering from an illness, your plan is working!

The Amber warning for asthma

This is where you need to start taking note. Included in this paragraph are just some notes on when you need to seriously start thinking about your health. If you cough, wheeze, or experience chest tightness then it is likely that you are suffering from an allergy, probably asthma. You can do some exercise but not all the activities that you usually like to do.

To battle against these signs and symptoms, take your quick-relief medicine immediately! If, after you have managed your symptoms you don’t return to feel more comfortable, then you need to sit up and think. If you know that you have an allergy, then you need an asthma action plan! Take your long-term action plan and continue to take the medicine which a doctor would have prescribed to you.

When to really take note

If you have any of these symptoms, then there is cause for concern. Your allergies could be getting worse, and fast. Allergies like asthma can end up being life-threatening, and an asthma action plan is certainly in order. If you are severely struggling with coughing and shortness of breath, then you need to call a DOCTOR or 911 now! Always follow up with your doctor if you are experiencing severe symptoms.

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