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Kate Young, BSc

Lab Manager

Kate Young joined Allergy Test in 2021 as our Laboratory Manager, following 7 years in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) for the Oak Clinic Group in Japan. Coordinating a team of 6, her expertise in processing protocols and validations has allowed us to gain ISO 9001 accreditation status and work towards Good Lab Practice and further ISO. After completing her BSc Combined Science: Human and Environmental Biological Studies in 1995, she describes herself as having ’detailed research skills and a very innovative mindset’.

Whilst working in embryology, Kate worked on 14 different publications including, ‘trophectoderm biopsy and human blastocyst development’, and talked at the ‘European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology’. Kate is a trusted member of the Allergy Test team and her attention to detail ensures that each test is in safe hands and able to be validated.

Posts by Kate Young:

Vials of blood samples waiting to be tested

Advanced Food Intolerance Lab

Allergies and intolerances have been on the rise in recent years worldwide. They tend to show up for the first time in the child’s first year. While your kid can outgrow their allergies and be more tolerant of the items they once couldn’t tolerate, some people never outgrow their allergies or intolerances, which focuses them […]

A variety of cancer awareness ribbons

January Cancer Awareness Month

Every month of the year is dedicated to spreading awareness of various types of cancer affecting people worldwide. Most people suffer from the fear of cancer rather than the disease itself, and giving information on the illness helps remove the fear and allows them to check out for early signs to deal with cancer when […]

Young man refusing a bottle of beer

Alcohol Intolerance After COVID

If you get symptoms such as a stuffy nose and flushed skin immediately when you drink alcohol, you may be suffering from alcohol intolerance. Alcohol intolerance is a condition that makes you think that you get drunk too quickly when the reality is that your body is unable to break down alcohol like that of […]

December written on a block of wood

December Allergens

December marks the beginning of the winter season. You shouldn’t be alarmed if you’re starting to experience allergic rhinitis or hay fever symptoms during this time. It may seem odd to suffer from allergies in winter, considering there is no pollination. However, there are allergens in your home that could be affecting you at this […]

An image of many eggs.

Egg Sensitivity Guide

Eggs are a part of many meals we consume, including desserts and savory meals. They’re a delightful addition to your breakfast menu but can also be bothersome when you have egg sensitivity. Egg sensitivity is a non-life-threatening adverse reaction to egg yolks, egg whites, or both. While some people have egg white sensitivity, others can […]

An image of a female holding her stomach.

Foods To Avoid With IBS

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a common disorder that includes a group of symptoms affecting the large intestines. Even though the symptoms aren’t life-threatening, the condition is a chronic condition that you’ll need to manage long-term. Most IBS symptoms center around the gastrointestinal tract. Only an insignificant number of people suffer from severe IBS symptoms. […]

An image of multiple Garlics.

Garlic Intolerance: Signs and Symptoms

Garlic is a prevalent ingredient used in food all around the world. It has anti-inflammatory properties. Even though garlic is common in foods, most people with garlic intolerance tend to stay with the problem for long without knowing exactly what’s affecting them because there are other major food allergen culprits like milk and gluten that […]

Wheat Intolerance: What You Need To Know

Wheat is a common ingredient in most of the foods we consume daily. Even though wheat intolerance isn’t as alarming or severe as wheat allergy, if left untreated it can cause lots of problems to your gastrointestinal tract. Avoiding wheat can be difficult at first because most baked goods contain wheat, but once you’ve adopted […]