Dr Enzo Fornari, Author at Allergy Test

Dr Enzo Fornari

Scientific Development officer

Joining us as our Scientific Development officer in 2020, Dr. Enzo Fornari is a passionate and diligent Scientist with over 8 years of experience working in Advanced Microscopy, Nanotechnology/Microfluidics, and Medical Technology advancement. Whilst on the team, Dr. Fornari has worked in the development of a range of new at-home health tests and helped to earn our lab ISO 9001 in 2021.

With his MS (Hons) in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Dr. Fornari is responsible for developing medical content on our site, as well as working with Director of Operations Cris West on the white paper ‘IgG4 and IgG4 elimination diet in no clinical migraine’. Dr. Fornari’s Ph.D. Theis on ‘Chemical gradient surfaces for biomolecular recognition’was published alongside the EU Marie Curie Fellowship. Working closely with Kate Young and the Lab team, he has a great ability to organise, manage, prioritise the delivery of projects, involving novel imaging technology and compliance with ISO standards.

You can contact Dr Fornari at: [email protected] or check out his profile here.

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