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Director of Operations, Cris West joined Health Stuff in 2019 with a background in hotel management of a spa complex in Spain, and a PR Company. Heading up the marketing department at Healthy Stuff means that he works with a team of talented web developers to work on website improvements, faster-testing systems, and 3 bespoke health apps.

After achieving his BA (Hons) Management at Leeds, he recently worked on the first Healthy Stuff white paper study ‘IgG4 and IgG4 elimination diet in no clinical migraine’ alongside Dr. Fornari. As a trusted, long-standing member of the team, Cris is part of the team that collects feedback and reviews from customers, to create new systems and better service for site Test Your Intolerance.

You can contact Cris at: [email protected] or check out his profile here.

Posts by Cris West:

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Yeast Intolerance vs Gluten Intolerance

Separating a gluten intolerance from a yeast intolerance can be difficult as the two are often found in the same food items. We will outline the difference between yeast and gluten intolerances so that you can take steps to prevent symptoms from occurring again.   What Is the Difference Between Gluten and Yeast? To start, […]

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5 Surprising Foods That are Holding You Back

Do you suffer with uncomfortable symptoms after eating a meal? This may be down to a food intolerance. In this modern society, we are constantly bombarded with images of ‘the perfect body’ and what we should or shouldn’t eat. However, it is not just about eating a healthy diet, it is about eating a diet that […]

Can Acne Be Caused by a Food Allergy?

Acne is one of those things that causes nothing but annoyance around the world. Often, we’re told that breakouts are from wearing oil-based cosmetics, stress, or eating bad food. It’s also possible that acne can be caused by a food allergy or a food sensitivity. Before you blame your favorite cosmetic or your mountain of […]