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Education Leeds Metropolitan University

Credentials BA (Hons)

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Yeast Intolerance vs Gluten Intolerance

Separating a gluten intolerance from a yeast intolerance can be difficult as the two are often found in the same food items. We will outline the difference between yeast and gluten intolerances so that you can take steps to prevent symptoms from occurring again.   What Is the Difference Between Gluten and Yeast? To start, […]

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5 Surprising Foods That are Holding You Back

Do you suffer with uncomfortable symptoms after eating a meal? This may be down to a food intolerance. In this modern society, we are constantly bombarded with images of ‘the perfect body’ and what we should or shouldn’t eat. However, it is not just about eating a healthy diet, it is about eating a diet that […]

Why Having an Allergy Test Has Become Common Practice

Back in the day, it seemed that only mysteriously sick — or weak — kids got an allergy test. After all, the average healthy child and adult didn’t seem to have any problems with digesting food and living symptom-free. However, this has changed drastically over the years. No longer are allergies now understood to be […]