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America – a successful, developed nation – has been wrapped under a ‘fad’, a ‘scare’ and an epidemic or sorts. ‘Gluten Free’ has become the new way to be! It’s surprising how many American’s are saying “no” to gluten and also putting their children on a gluten-free diet. How many of these people are really gluten intolerant?

Wheat, one of the most common and widely consumed food products, is also the highest source of gluten. A former superfood, wheat has now lost its status in America’s world of food. How many people understand what gluten intolerance is all about? How many people have been tested for it?

Whilst it’s true that a large number of the American population suffer from gluten intolerance or celiac disease, there are more people than that who support a gluten-free diet. Just like any other health disease or problems, unless a test certifies and ascertains that you are gluten intolerant, you cannot assume the same.

Allergy Testing

At we highly recommend that you get yourself tested to fully understand what your body needs before making such strong lifestyle changes; wheat and other grains that contain gluten are also rich sources of proteins, so kicking it away can lead to a deficiency in protein, leading to other health problems.

In a recent study it was found that approximately 10 in 1000 people have gluten intolerance, and within that, the level of intolerance varies. The level can range from a minor sensitivity to gluten to something as serious as celiac disease. Without a proper test you will not understand the level of your intolerance and thus you will never be able to make the right and healthy food choices.

So coming back to the question: is America becoming gluten intolerant? The answer is that more people have assumed this to be true and making it sound bigger a problem than it actually is. Yes, America has a greater population of gluten intolerance in comparison to Europe or other countries, but it’s not as bad as the ‘gluten free’ food companies are marketing it to be. Don’t just assume and change your food habits, test and be sure!