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Alcohol, alcohol, alcohol. All year round, many of us find a reason to drink alcohol and there is nothing wrong with that. But what if you have an alcohol sensitivity?! This is when it could be bad because you will experience a range of sensitivity symptoms which could affect your life both mentally and physically. So, could that beer with your work colleague actually be causing you more harm than good? Find out below with information from Allergy Test.

If you are experiencing symptoms like a bloated stomach, constant headache or are feeling nauseous then you may be suffering from alcohol sensitivity. This is when you may have overindulged on a certain item and your body is now struggling to digest that ingredient. So, is that bottle of wine or that beer in a bar actually causing your symptoms?

Alcohol sensitivity

A sensitivity is when the body reacts in a negative way when you are trying to digest a certain food item. Within various types of alcohol, there are many ingredients, all of which can cause your body to experience symptoms if you do have a sensitivity to them. This includes wheat, grapes, and other items like yeast, so it is important that you order from Allergy Test in order to make sure you don’t have an alcohol sensitivity.

What is a sensitivity?

Food sensitivity can occur for many reasons. It could be that your body is short of the necessary digestive enzymes for the food item that it is trying to digest, or it is struggling to take the nutrients from it properly. This can sometimes result in a sensitivity resulting from overindulgence or overexposure to that item. To find out if you have an alcohol sensitivity, you can order a test here.

Allergy or sensitivity?

The difference between food allergies and sensitivities is important to detect. In many cases, an allergy is hereditary and so if your parents or someone else in your family has an allergy to an ingredient used to make alcohol then it is likely that you will too. A sensitivity can happen depending on someone’s diet and lifestyle, or simply overindulgence.

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