Most Common Foods That Cause Allergic Reactions | Allergy Test

Food allergies happen to be among the common allergies that people suffer from. When you eat a food, initially you might not be able to know whether you actually suffer from an allergy to it. Swelling in the mouth, tingling of the tongue and lips, fainting, vomiting, swelling of the throat and troubled breathing are some of the symptoms of food allergy. Find out about some of the common foods that you can be allergic to.

1) Eggs 

One of the more common food allergies. Those suffering from egg allergy are supposed to be hypersensitive to nutritional elements that can be found in eggs, such as eggnog, Globulin, albumin, egg white, egg yolk and more. This can lead to hyperactivity of the immune system. A few people experienced trouble in digesting egg whites, even when they do not suffer from an egg allergy. Egg intolerance can give rise to symptoms such as abdominal pain and diarrhea. It is recommended that you avoid foods composed with egg. It is best that you eat egg alternatives such as tapioca, potato starch etc that offer similar nutrition as an egg but without any issues.

2) Seafood

If you suffer from food allergies caused by an ingestion of eatables such as shellfish, crustaceans or scaly fish, you could be suffering from seafood allergies. It is best that you avoid having these food items. In case you have plenty of canned food items, make sure that these do not comprise of ingredients made with seafood.

3) Tree nuts

Tree nuts are dry fruits, and kids are found to be more susceptible to such allergies as compared to adults. Soy nuts can be used as substitutes for tree nuts. Soy nuts are not nuts but soybeans that are soaked and baked to make them crispy to eat.

4) Monosodium glutamate (MSG)

It is used in the form of a food additive to enhance flavor. Although there is a need for further research, a few studies have revealed that ingesting large quantities of Monosodium glutamate can lead to very discomforting symptoms such as chest pain, hives, and headaches. Most people do not know about these food allergies.

5) Aspartame

This is an artificial sweetener used commonly as an alternative for sugar. Despite conflicting research, a few studies have described irritability, depression and other side effects in those suffering from Aspartame sensitivity.

6) Yeast

Those suffering from intolerance to yeast usually suffer from less acute symptoms as compared to those experienced by people suffering from yeast allergy. The problems are generally felt only in the digestive system.

7) Food colorings cause food allergies

The intake of Yellow 5, Red 40 and other food colorings have revealed hypersensitivity reactions in a few individuals. The signs and symptoms include stuffy nose, swelling of skin and hives. All of these symptoms are commonly associated with food allergies.

8) Sugar alcohols

It is often that sugar alcohols are used as zero calorie substitutes for sugar. However, the consumption of these can give rise to big digestive problems in some individuals, including diarrhea and bloating. It is better to avoid having these and has other sugar alternatives or artificial sweeteners in order to enjoy the sweet taste of sugar but without the issues resulting from the intake of either sugar or sugar alcohols.

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