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It is important when trying to eat healthily that you know what ingredients and nutrients are in your meals. Although we do not want to lower our sodium levels, too much sodium in our diet can cause us great difficulty in regard to our health. It is thought that around half of people with hypertension have blood pressure which is affected by sodium consumption. You can find out with a food sensitivity test if you are getting the right amount of nutrients, metals, and minerals into your diet. 

Take a look below at seven foods which tend to be high in sodium:

1) Soup

Whether it be a soup diet as a way to lose weight, or people just love the taste and low calorie count, people are not aware of some of the health warnings that come with soup. It is high in sodium, especially if it is canned, packaged, and sometimes prepared by a restaurant. If a food sensitivity test from Allergy Test has indicated that you need to lower the levels of sodium in your diet then you can find reduced-sodium options in some soup cans. The good news never stops!

2) Cottage Cheese

Oops. How many of you cram as much as cottage cheese into your diet as possible? It could be bad for you! You can find out whether you need to eliminate cottage cheese from your diet with a food sensitivity test. It’s important that you don’t remove it from your diet just because it is high in sodium, as it actually is a good source of calcium and an excellent source of protein.

3) Pizza

Along with many other dishes and meals, pizza accounts for almost half of the sodium that Americans consume. This is because of the fact that most pizzas are filled up with cheese, sauce, dough and processed meats. Even though individually, the ingredients do not add up to that much sodium, combined, the levels can get dangerously high.

4) Canned Veggies

There is a theme developing here… Yep, convenient foods will usually contain high levels of sodium, although there are ways around this. A lot of sodium can be removed from canned goods if they are rinsed and drained correctly. The alternative is that you can opt for plain and frozen vegetables, all of which are low in sodium but are also convenient. So, it is not all bad news! Make sure you are intolerant to any of these items by ordering a food sensitivity test today and getting your results within 7-10 working days!

5) Processed Cheese

The theme continues with processed cheese. Very popular over here in the States, processed cheese is very high in sodium and can be very bad for you. Bursting with salt, the high levels of sodium can cause health issues to many people. If you are looking for an alternative to processed cheese, then you can look no further than Swiss or Mozzarella Cheese. These are not only more healthy than processed cheese, but also deliciously tasty! Make your own pizzas and homemade meals with ingredients you know you are not sensitive to!

6) Pretzels

The large salt crystals on top of pretzels should give you a hint that pretzels are high in sodium. Pretzels are lovely but can be harmful, and there are alternatives which do not contain salt. Regardless of the sodium count though, pretzels should only be a treat as they contain minimal nutritional value.

7) Frozen Meals

Yep, although they save a load of time, frozen meals are often full of salt. They are also a combination of ingredients and extra items are sometimes added to ensure they stay frozen. Before eating a frozen meal, you should definitely order a food sensitivity test so that you can rule out any potential sensitivity symptoms.

How to get hold of a food sensitivity test

For more information on a food sensitivity test from Allergy Test, please log on to www.allergytest.co and speak with our customer service advisors who will be delighted to assist you with any queries that you may have.