Allergy Test | 5 ways to ease your mind when eating outside.

Have you realized that something happens to your body every time you eat outside? Do you feel bloated and fatigued? Sounds like a potential intolerance to us here at Allergy Test, and quite possibly to common BBQ foods. There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to take a test with Allergy Test.

With Independence Day just around the corner, the chances are you are going to attend a family event. If the weather continues like it is, then you are in for a treat. However, this isn’t the case for all of us. This is because some of us suffer from hay fever.

Nobody wants to miss out on an exciting BBQ with friends and family, but sometimes our body takes matters out of our own hands. Don’t worry, we’ve found five steps for you to take to help you deal with your BBQ. Take a look below to find out how you can enjoy your BBQ with family and friends!

1) Get to know your body

The first step is to recognize precisely what your intolerances are with an intolerance test. At Allergy Test, we use a sample of your hair to test against food and non-food items – before sending you a comprehensive report of your results highlighting which items you are intolerant to, along with expert advice! We then suggest an elimination diet to cut these foods out of your diet (it’s not as bad as it sounds). Importantly, we also have a proven track record, as we boast an impressive satisfaction rate, with customers reporting a difference in a small time period.

2) Find out what else is out there

Unfortunately, your test will sometimes reveal that you do indeed have an intolerance to certain foods. In this case, is important that we find out what replacements there are out there, meaning hopefully our diet and tastes will not be hugely affected. An example would be if you are found to have a dairy intolerance, then you cannot have your regular milk or Ice Cream. However, there are alternatives such as almond milk or dairy-free Ice Cream. The likelihood is that if the weather is hot enough for a BBQ, it is hot enough for Ice Cream. So, don’t worry, you don’t have to miss out completely, you can try alternative foods!

3) Let everyone know

It is common practice to have a big get together on Independence Day. Friends, families and colleagues all get together to celebrate this wonderful day, and so it can be daunting heading out knowing that you may not be able to eat the food without falling unwell. If you are nervous, Allergy Test recommends letting everyone know about your intolerances. The likelihood is that you will be with people you are comfortable with, and they will be happy to help. If you’ve already done your research and found out what alternative foods you can eat, why not ask to bring them along, or see if they are willing to make alternatives.

4) Watch out for the Hidden Ingredients

We can hear you thinking: “I’ve always eaten burgers and never had an issue, so it cannot be that”. Well, with food combinations and technology developing at the rate it is, there are always new substances and ingredients being added to our favourite foods every day. If you’ve taken a test to find out your intolerances, then you’ll know exactly what to look out for! Be very careful when buying products off the shelf, and look closely at each ingredient. The most common allergies and intolerances are listed clearly, but please do take your time when choosing certain items.

5) Sit Back, Relax and enjoy your day!

So, looking to the future, we now have a plan of action. Watch your life change and it is time to be excited about the times ahead. You have now taken a test with us to find out exactly what foods you are intolerant to. You have then researched and found the alternatives to your favorite foods, meaning your symptoms should subside. Cutting out those intolerant foods, you will feel better about yourself, we promise! You’ve also let everyone know about your intolerances, meaning your Independence Day celebrations will go without a hitch, as you are able to consume your own specific foods (if needs be), and you will enjoy the day. You have also carefully chosen the foods and looked in detail at the ingredients, and so have your friends!

Ultimately, there are no excuses to not enjoying Independence Day whatever plans you may have! Whether it is firing up the BBQ, going out for a meal or even cooking at home, you know exactly what is going into your body, giving you the freedom you desire! If you do still want to know more them head over to and find out more!