5 Foods You Think Are Dairy-Free but Are Not! | Allergy Test

Milk and other forms of dairy are very common indicators of food allergies and food sensitivities. If you have done food sensitivity testing and have been shown to have a milk intolerance, then you will need to make sure you avoid dairy items.

How can food sensitivity testing help you?

This can be hard but also be difficult as there are many products out there which you may think you are dairy-free but actually are not.

1) Mashed Potatoes

Yep, let’s start off with a not so surprising one! Don’t worry, mashed potatoes do contain potato but not milk. There can often be dairy products hidden inside the product to make it tastier. You should always read the ingredients before consuming any processed foods that you have not made from scratch. Food sensitivity testing can help you to learn what foods you need to look out for.

2) Instant Coffees

Yes, this may be isn’t that surprising either. But many people expect milk in their coffee when they order it, however, it is also in other types of instant coffee, including soup and sauce mixes. This is because lactose is used to soften and sooth the mixing sensation. Make sure that you do not experience any food sensitivity symptoms by trying food sensitivity testing and seeing if you have a sensitivity to milk.

3) Frozen French Fries hide dairy

Yep, you might think that French Fries are just actually potatoes which are fried in oil. They are sometimes a go-to meal that we seek out if we don’t have the time or motivation to concoct a dish. Apparently, no matter what you see on the labeling, you should always be wary of dairy being present. For more information on whether or not you have a food sensitivity to another ingredient involved in the making of french fries, you should try food sensitivity testing.

4) Alcohol!

Almost everybody’s favorite winding-down treat is alcohol. Many people use it to relax but sometimes, your drink could contain dairy! Oh noooooo! Obviously, if your food sensitivity process has seen you discover that you are sensitive to dairy then you will need to be more careful of avoiding dairy-fueled alcohol. Dairy finds its way into many products you might not expect it to, so we do emphasize caution, caution, CAUTION. Make sure you don’t suffer any symptoms of sensitivity by watching you eat and identifying the cause today!

5) Non-Dairy Ice Creams may still contain Dairy

What a confusing headline. Yep, food sensitivity testing can tell you that you are intolerant to dairy, but you still have to be careful! Make sure your favorite substitute for butter or Ice Cream does not contain dairy.

For more information on dairy alternatives and coping with your milk sensitivity, please log on to www.allergytest.co and embark on your new adventure to becoming a happier and healthier you! Food sensitivity testing can help you to relieve your symptoms and if you have any issues, our Customer Service advisors will be delighted to assist you with any questions that you may have.