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Bored of bloating? Tired of feeling unhappy about the way you look, despite having tried EVERYTHING! Below, Allergy Test has written an article to help you deal with your bloat and possible food allergies by using your diet to reduce inflammation in the body, live healthier, and burn fat with all of these food options! So, if you are struggling with your bloated stomach or any other food allergy symptoms, you’ll definitely want to check out these food and consider food allergy testing.

Inflammation in the body & Food Allergy Testing

Inflammation can be so disheartening, especially if it extends the abdomen and leaves you feeling unhappy with the way you look. BUT, despite running every day and eating healthily, unfortunately, bloating can be caused by an intolerance or a food allergy. You can find out about your food allergies here, but if you want to try food allergy testing, which does help, then you’ll need to check these out:

1) Blueberries – Blue for you

Blueberries can help you with your diet and can stop your bloated stomach. If food allergy testing does not identify any potential symptoms from blueberries, then blueberries are a perfect addition to your diet. Rich in vitamin C, you should look no further than blueberries to aid your diet and possibly stop your bloat. They’re also tasty!

2) Green Tea – Green and Lean

We can’t recommend Green Tea enough if weight loss is your goal! Even if you are doing a weight loss diet, we suggest you add Green Tea. It is easily made and contributes to a flat belly and lack of bloat. These anti-inflammatory properties are also well known to prevent the development of skin rashes. Try food allergy testing to make sure you can add this excellent and tasty beverage to your diet.

3) Dark Chocolate – Yum

Yum! Yep, even chocolate can be great for you! This doesn’t mean you should consume dark chocolate and chocolate only, but it won’t hurt you to add a bit of dark chocolate to your diet every now and then. It can actually be extremely beneficial to your diet, so please do give it a try, but also exercise. Make sure you are not allergic to caffeine or cocoa with a food allergy test first though!

4) Salmon – Omega-3

Yes, although salmon is full of fat, it is good fat (it’s a real thing!) Bursting with omega-3, this is one fat you do not want to eat less of. Famous for their anti-inflammatory properties, salmon and other fatty fish are actually really good for you! You can’t find supplements for omega-3, you have to get it into your body yourself!

5) Peppers – Taste the rainbow

Everybody loves a bit of pepper every now and then. Mixing it up, some people opt for yellow or green pepper, but the good stuff is in the red pepper! Absolutely bursting with vitamin C, allergy research has shown that the risk of anti-inflammatory products and conditions such as asthma is actually reduced when you eat more foods containing what red pepper contains!

Add these foods to your diet and undergo the fairly simple food allergy testing process to ensure you get the best out of your diet. Visit to find out more!