5 common questions about Allergy Test | Information | Blog

At Allergy Test, we receive a range of questions about our allergy testing processes, and we thought we would put together an article explaining all the questions that we constantly get asked. Take a look below at the questions that we usually get asked:

1) How do I take my own hair sample?

In our years of experience of helping people to understand their intolerances and allergies, we have found that the best way to take a hair sample safely and cleanly is to do it with someone else. Simply brush the hair upwards and reveal the root area at the back of your head. Once you have done this, hold a small amount of hair between the finger and the thumb, before cutting the hair as close to the scalp as possible. If you do not have anyone to help you, then we recommend using a mirror, as this will minimize the risk of injury.

2) How much does postage cost?

Once you have sent your samples to us, we do ask that you remember to ensure that you have paid the correct postage amount for your envelope and the outer wrapping. This will minimize the cost as otherwise, you may have to resend your samples to us over and over again.

3) Where are the labs based?

Our laboratory is based in the UK, but you can still send your hair sample to our sorting office here in the U.S. Please do allow for a reasonable amount of time for your sample to reach our labs, but we make sure that once your sample has arrived, we get your results processed as quickly as possible! You should receive your results within 7-10 working days of us receiving your samples at our labs.

4) What is included in my allergy test?

Your allergy or intolerance test results will include all the items which have shown an intolerance of 85% and above. Thanks to our vast experience in the allergy testing sector, we have found that 85% is the point at which symptoms begin to develop an intolerance or a sensitivity. So because of this, we do not store any data that falls below the 85% threshold.

5) My hair is very short, how much can I provide?

Don’t worry if you do not have much hair, as the hair sample does not actually have to be from your head. Due to our experience, we can test hair from any part of the body, including your leg, arm or even chest hair. Many people also ask us how many strands of hair they need to provide, but we only need a small amount. We do not require a massive clump of your hair.

Hopefully, this clears up a lot of your questions that you may want to ask about allergy testing and trying a sensitivity or allergy test. Please do not hesitate to get in touch and order your test today