How to Manage a Seafood Allergy | Allergy Test

Sometimes we just cannot resist. We love to eat seafood even if we have an allergy to it. Our friends love it, and they usually invite us out to seafood restaurants. “But I have a seafood allergy” is usually the outcry, but we sometimes give in. Please don’t do this. If it is not good for us, we shouldn’t eat it. Here are 4 ways to getting around your seafood allergy:

Eliminate, eradicate, dissolve it from you diet.

Whichever way it is put, it needs to not be eaten. If we have a seafood allergy, we should eliminate it from our diet. This isn’t necessarily the end for our seafood cravings, as, eventually over time, our body has probably built up an intolerance to it. Although this means we cannot eat it anymore, it may also mean that we do not have an allergy to it. After slowly reintegrating it into our diet, we can measure how much seafood our body can tolerate. However, if we have a seafood allergy, our body will react straight away and we most likely have a seafood allergy which will last a lifetime.

Watch it Closely

If you have reinstated seafood back into your food routine after the recommended amount of time, then make sure you are measuring what your body can tolerate. Realizing you have a seafood allergy can be disheartening but we shouldn’t let it get to us. To find out if you have an intolerance or an allergy, Allergy Test can help you in this regard.

Be Sensible

Imagine the scenario now: A friend or work colleague (or both) has invited you to their wedding. You want to go, but the wedding is an underwater theme(!). This will most likely mean that seafood will be prominent. Yep, there it is, right at the bottom of the invitation. Our suggestions would be to plan ahead and ask if they can supply an alternative. If they cannot, we recommend eating before, this means you will not have to worry about eating it all. Your friend cares about you, so please do not worry about being annoying, it is for everyone’s benefit.

Make the most of it

Ultimately, don’t let a seafood allergy affect the way you live your life. It will not do you or your friends any good. Try to resist temptation and don’t risk it. Look for substitutes or alternatives, and continue to live your life the way you want to! Also, don’t forget the team at is always happy to help. They can answer any questions you may have via LiveChat on a 24-hour basis, 5 days a week.