3 Unexpected Symptoms of Lactose Intolerance - Allergy Test

Food intolerance is annoying when you are trying to go out and eat or try a new recipe. You have to meticulously check the ingredients list to make sure all of them are okay for your digestive system. But do you know what’s worse? Not knowing you are intolerant to something, and having it regularly enough to start giving you strange symptoms that will interrupt your daily life. Of course, since you don’t know that you have an intolerance, you don’t realize the connection. This can often lead people to assume they’re very sick. A typical example is with unexpected symptoms of lactose intolerance.

Unique symptoms of lactose intolerance

On the telly and in books, lactose intolerance often comes across as moaning in pain from cramps, or vomiting somewhere “off-screen” and complaining about lactose problems. However, there are other uncommon symptoms that you could be experiencing instead of the traditional ones. 3 examples include:

  1. Tarry stools: If you are experiencing a tarry stool — or frequent tarry stools — you’ll know that it’s due to something that you’re eating. But you may not always know what, exactly, it was that you ate. Sometimes people will think that something has gone rancid or expired and throw out perfectly good food because of it.
  1. Unplanned weight loss: It’s always a pleasant surprise to see the scale drop when you step on it, but it’s important also to make sure that you have some idea as to why it’s dropping. If you are experienced unplanned weight loss and can’t quite figure out what the cause is, it could be lactose intolerance. Since most of us are perpetually trying to lose weight, it can be challenging to see the lower number and start to worry. Still, it certainly is something to watch out for.
  1. Long-term fever with no apparent sickness: Fevers are often enough to ruin your day. If you have a fever for a week, this is even more so. However, having a fever with no other signs of sickness is just plain infuriating. Most people might assume they have a terrible infection or mysterious virus, when they may just be dealing with a stubborn case of lactose intolerance instead.

How to take charge

Sure, these symptoms sound pretty scary. Any strange symptoms that don’t have a clear cause are always alarming. But, there is a way to help. When you want to know how your body is reacting — and why — an intolerance test is a great option to consider. The results are fast, accurate, and designed to help you move your life forward with the education and support you’re looking for in a scientific test.

When you read these symptoms of lactose intolerance, you won’t know at first glance that they are symptoms. Sometimes intolerance is more than just cramps and flatulence. The only way to know for sure is to get an intolerance test and see the metaphorical writing on the wall.